New Kittens Owners

Here’s some tips that new kitten owners might find helpful when welcoming your kitten into your home. I have also written a “Kitten Care Letter” with additional information that I give to all of my kitten families before they pick up their kitty.

Safe Place

When introducing your kitten to its new home, start off slow, one room at a time. The kitten might be a little stressed or timid at first, so creating a place where they can hide and rest when they want to is the good idea. Throw a blanket over their kennel to block out the light or dedicate a small room to them. But don’t worry, they are naturally curious and will eventually want to come out of their cave and explore.

High Place

Kittens love to climb, because not only is it an adventure to them, it also help them feel bigger and in better control of the situation. Having a cat tree or some other firm surface for them to climb can help with this.

Introducing Home:

It will take a little while for your kitten to adjust to all the new things you are presenting it with.  Showing it where the litter box is is one of the most important things to start off with, as well as a cat scratch tree so they don’t develop bad habits of scratching your carpets or furniture. If you have any other pets, be careful to be in control of their interactions until you are certain they have become friends—you don’t want your kitten to be hurt or overly terrified by another pet.

Also be sure to kitten-proof your house of any chemicals or poisons that might be standing around. Some plants, like Aloe-Vera, are dangerous for cats if ingested. Below is a helpful chart regarding plants that aren’t good for a cat’s health, as well as symptoms of being poisoned. Here’s a list of common foods poisonous to cats. It’s not good to be paranoid about these things, but it is good to have knowledge on how to best care for your kitty.

poison plant thumbnail

Poisonous Plants