Recommended Cat Products

These are some of our favorite and most useful pet supplies that I would highly recommend! These links are Amazon affiliate links, which means I get a little bit of Amazon’s money if you click on them and make a purchase! At no extra cost to you, of course! 

Enjoy shopping for your kitty!

Drinking Water Fountain:

Most cats love to drink running water, because their natural instinct tells them that if the water is running, it’s probably fresher than a stagnant puddle or bowl of water. This is why cats love drinking from sink faucets!  I love this fountain because it’s very quiet, helps waste less water, and it’s very easy to take apart and clean.

Additional Pet Fountain filters:

The fountain already comes with filters and a sponge to keep the water clean for your kitty. Here are more so you can stock up!

Litter & Litterbox supplies: 

These brands of litter have been the best and most cost-efficient that I have found. Both of these brands have worked great for my kitties, and most of the time can be put on autoship to be delivered straight to your door! Amazon’s prices are often a lot better than many pet sites or stores as well. I always recommend unscented litters, because the chemicals they use to “scent” the litter can cause an allergic reaction in some cats and kittens, and I don’t want to risk it.

Two of my favorite litter boxes are also linked below. They are both very sturdy, keep the litter inside the box, and the large size means more days in between cleaning 🙂

Tidy Cat Unscented Clumping cat litter:

Fresh Step Unscented Clumping cat litter:

Litter scoop:

Metal scoops tend to work a lot better than plastic. This is the type that I buy.

Litter mat:

These litter mats are SO useful when it comes to keeping litter off of my floors. I have several.

Cat Brush:

This is a good brush to have around. Grooming your cat on occasion is important in order to keep your cat’s coat soft, silky, and shed-free.

Nail clippers:

If you feel comfortable clipping your kitty’s claws, this is a really good pair of clippers. Your vet should be able to show you how to do it safely and easily; and it really helps them not feel the need to scratch on any furniture!

Airline Approved Cat Carrier

This is the airline-approved cat carrier that I recommend to my customers. It has a soft but firm structure, and a big pocket in the back which is great for any travel documents your cat might need.

Cat carrier #1

I love this cat carrier! It’s very sturdy and has plenty of room for my adult cats to stretch out and nap during a car ride. One of the best carriers I’ve ever bought.

Cat blanket

I have gotten several of these small blankets for my cats to snuggle or travel with. They love them! The blankets are soooo soft, I almost want one for myself! 😀

Cat Cushion

I have a cat cushion in my large carriers for my kitty’s extra comfort 🙂

Cat posts and trees: 

The key to a good cat tree/post is how sturdy it is. I have had so many cat trees that seem alright when you first get them, but after a few months, something in the structure has weakened and it becomes unsafe for the kitties to play or sleep on. 

So here are a few of the more sturdier ones that I have found and really liked. It’s definitely been worth the search!

Toy ball fountain

Toy Tackle Pillows

Cozy heated cat bed

This is not a necessity at all, since your kitty will be living inside…but every cat loves to snuggle up on a heated bed every once in a while! I really like this one in particular because it doesn’t get too hot, just a slight warmth. I plug these in for my kitties during the winter, just as a treat 🙂

Instinct canned wet food:

Although our first choice for our kitties would ALWAYS be Life’s Abundance All Life Stages dry & wet food, sometimes their wet food can be out of stock! So this is a healthy wet food alternative we have turned to in the past.